What is the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP)?
The Center for Global Partnership (CGP) was established within the Japan Foundation in April 1991 to promote collaboration between the people of Japan, the United States, and beyond to address issues of global concern.
CGP provides funding for collaborative projects conducted by the people of the U.S., Japan, and beyond on global issues, in addition to issues common to advanced industrial societies, as well as other issues pertaining to U.S.-Japan relations.
How do I apply for a grant from CGP?
Please refer to individual program pages for information specific to each grant. After reviewing the information, we welcome phone calls and e-mails from prospective grantees to discuss their projects.
What kinds of organizations are eligible for funding?
CGP only supports organizations with 501(c)(3) status.
Is The Japan Foundation the same organization as the United States - Japan Foundation?
No. These are two separate and distinct grant-making foundations. Please go to the United States-Japan Foundation website for information about their programs and opportunities.