Intellectual Exchange Grantee Publications 2003

The following are grantee publications from the period of January 1, 2003 to December 16 , 2003.

Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia (ERINA)
Energy Security and Sustainable Development in Northeast Asia: Prospects for Cooperative Policies
A series of reports on a two-and-a-half year dialogue project to identify cooperative approaches and explore the concept of a region-wide "energy security community" for reconciliation of national energy and environmental policies in relation to the increasing need for energy security in Northeast Asia.

  • Report of the Workshop held in Niigata, December 17-19, 1999
  • (Niigata, Japan: Hokuto Printing Company, 2000, 20pp.)
  • Report on the International Workshop held at Tainai Park Hotel, Niigata, June 26-28, 2001
    (Niigata, Japan: Hokuto Printing Company, 2002, 50pp.)
  • International Workshop held in Seoul Palace Hotel, Seoul, March 29-31, 2002
    (Niigata, Japan: Hokuto Printing Company, 2002, 63pp.)
  • International Workshop held in Khabarovsk, September 17-19
    (Niigata, Japan: Hokuto Printing Company, 2003, 60pp.)

Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis
The U.S.-Japan Alliance: Preparing for Korean Reconciliation & Beyond
Charles M. Perry and Toshi Yoshihara
A book resulting from a set of high-level US-Japanese dialogues in March 2001 and April 2002, this study explores the current and future developments on the Korean Peninsula and their implications for the future of the US-Japan Alliance. As a policy guide, the research identifies key priorities and tasks for both countries by showing how Washington and Tokyo can re-energize the alliance and create a more active security partnership with a broader strategic horizon. The authors also investigate likely trends with regard to Korean reconciliation and the prospects for a new regional security framework.
(Everett, MA: Fidelity Press, 2003, 184 pp.) ISBN: 1-57488-725-4

Japan Society, Inc.
Bioterrorism & Consequence Management: New Approaches to U.S.-Japan Security Cooperation
A report from a roundtable conference held in 2002 co-sponsored by the Japan Society, Inc. and the National Institute for Research Advancement. Participants discuss the lessons learned since the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001 and examine security issues drawing from past experiences of bioterrorism in Japan. Discussants formulate new approaches to US-Japan security cooperation, particularly in dealing with biological terrorism and developing consequence management strategies to deal with bioterrorist attacks at the local and national levels.
(New York, NY: Japan Society, 2003, 62 pp.) ISBN: 0-913304-55-7

Japan Women's University
Working and the Future: A Comparison of Nonstandard Workers in the U.S., Japan and Europe
Michiko Osawa and Susan Houseman, eds.
Book published following a three-year multidisciplinary research project to assess the growth and implications of nonstandard work arrangements in the United States, Japan, and Europe, including analysis of the influences of different labor policies and corporate behavior.
(Tokyo, Japan: Japan Labor Research Organization, 2003, 457 pp.)
ISBN: 4-538-41154-X

Kitakyushu University, Faculty of Law
UNU/IAS Report International Sustainable Development Governance-The Question of Reform: Key Issues and Proposals, Final Report
Final report of a policy-oriented research on structural reforms in international environmental governance, including the possibility of establishing a World Environment Organization (WEO), to facilitate further understanding among policy makers and key actors in each country on changes in the area of governance for global environment and sustainable development.
(Tokyo, Japan: United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies, 2002, 40pp.)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Building Better Networks for Human Right sand Human Security: NGOs and Social Movements in Asia
Report of an international conference held in Tokyo March 16-18, 2003 and organized by the MIT Program for Human Rights and Justice and the Chubu Institute for Advanced Studies. The conference featured leading NGO and social movement activists from Asia. The issues discussed included the substantive differences in goals between social movements and NGOs, the methods of advocacy/tactics of pressure including whom they target, the role of technology in coalition-building, and the relationship with the state, the media, private businesses or religious authorities.
(Cambridge, MA: MIT, 2003, 12 pp.)

Nagoya University, School of Law
The Human Heart and Law
A book published following a three-year research project on the differing interpretations and perceptions of law in Japan, the United States, and China with the aim of offering policy recommendations to improve international negotiations involving contentious points of law, such as intellectual property rights.
(Tokyo, Japan: Yuikaku, 2003, 294 pp.)
ISBN: 4-641-02786-2

Pacific Forum CSIS
U.S.-Japan-China Relations: Reducing Frictions and Improving Cooperation (Issues & Insights No. 5-02)
Report of a conference held in Washington, DC on August 21-23, 2003, jointly sponsored by the Pacific Forum CSIS, the Research Institute for Peace and Security, and the China Institute for Contemporary International Relations. Conferees exchanged views on three principal topics: Third Country Perspectives on Bilateral Relationships, Trilateral Priorities in Regional and Global Economic Relations, and Developing Stable Trilateral Relations.
(Washington, DC: Center for Strategic and International Studies, 2002, 71 pp.)

University of California, San Diego
APEC as an Institution: Multilateral Governance in the Asia-Pacific
Richard E. Feinberg, ed.
A two-year collaborative effort with other Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Study Centers around the world to compile policy reports that assess the implementation and impact of APEC agreements; make specific recommendations to policy practitioners on how to improve implementation of those agreements; and provide important insights and products focusing on how Japan, the United States, and regional partners can work together toward improving the implementation of APEC agreements.
(Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2003, 275 pp.)
ISBN: 981-230-209-3

University of California, San Diego
East Asia and Latin America: The Unlikely Alliance
Peter H. Smith, Kotaro Horisaka, Shoji Nishijima, eds.
A compilation of essays comparing and contrasting the social, economic and political situations of East Asia and Latin America with a goal to understand how these regions can cooperate and collaborate on economic development. Through this comparative study, the economic and political conditions of East Asia and Latin America are illuminated in order to promote ties and cooperation between the two regions. The book brings together work from a variety of distinguished scholars, professional experts and diverse regional perspectives. The conclusion provides practical suggestions on how to strengthen the ties between the two regions.
(Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2003, 399 pp.) ISBN: 0-7425-2375-6

University of Michigan
Japan's Economic Recovery: Commerical Policy, Monetary Policy, and Corporate Governance
Robert M. Stern, ed.
A compilation of papers and selected comments from a project conference held in Japan on May 18-19, 2001. The contributors to this book investigate the main issues involved in the international trade, foreign direct investment, and macro/financial relations of the US and Japan and provide guidance to policy makers for measures to help overcome Japan's economic stagnation since the early 1990's.
(Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2003, 456 pp.) ISBN: 1-84376-120-3

University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law
Medical Information, Ethics and Law
Report resulting from a two-year research project analyzing informational, ethical, and legal issues pertaining to medical treatment. The project focused on a comparative analysis of issues in the United States and Japan pertaining to the utilization and protection of medical treatment, the standardization of ethical guidelines of medical communities, and the discrepancy between medical treatment and law.
(Tokyo, Japan: University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law, 2003, 79 pp.)

The Protection of Personal Medical Information and Security: Information Security and HIPAA
Shigekoto Kaihara, Norio Higuchi, eds. Book resulting from aforementioned two-year research project analyzing informational, ethical, and legal issues pertaining to medical treatment.
(Tokyo, Japan: Yuikaku, 2003, 224 pp.)
ISBN: 4-641-12933-9

University of Tokyo, Institute of Social Science
Managing Development and Transition in a Globalizing World: Financial Liberalization and Financial Crises
Publication produced during a three-year collaborative research project with the University of Denver to analyze issues of development management in the newly industrialized countries of East Asia and Latin America, as well as former socialist countries, in the context of a globalizing world.
(Tokyo, Japan: University of Tokyo, Institute of Social Science, 2003, 164 pp.)

The Journal of Social Science, Vol. 55, No. 1:
Special Feature - Managing Development and Transition in a Globalizing World

Special progress report edited and published by the University of Tokyo Institute of Social Science.
(Tokyo, Japan: University of Tokyo, Institute of Social Science, 2003, 206 pp.)