Grassroots Exchange Publications 2004

The following are grantee publications from January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2004.  

Green Map System, Inc., New York, NY
Green Map Atlas, Volume 1: Mapmaking Stories Asia & North America
A publication resulting from a collaborative project to promote local ecological and cultural awareness by developing a digital atlas consisting of ten locally directed maps with corresponding narratives. Available on compact disc and in print.
ISBN: 0-974829-3-8; ISSN: 1548-3983
(New York: Green Map System, Inc., 2004, 88pp.)
Points of Light Foundation, Washington, DC
   1. Seminar on Corporate Volunteer Program (Kigyou Borantia Semina)
      (Tokyo: Tokyo Voluntary Action Center, 2004, 38pp.)
   2. Volunteer Management Seminar
      (Tokyo: Tokyo Voluntary Action Center, 2004, 51pp.)
Two Japanese language publications resulting from a project conducted in collaboration with the Tokyo Voluntary Action Center to develop and implement training for volunteer center staff in the United States and Japan, drawing on effective models in each country. The volumes are designed to serve as overview guides of the training given to Japanese volunteer center leaders by their US counterparts on volunteer management and corporate engagement.
Society for the Arts in Healthcare
Caring for the Caregiver: Grassroots Initiatives in Japan
An English language publication produced following a two-year project to raise the consciousness of clinicians, architects, planners, designers and specialists in the field of visual and performing arts and help them address the human aspects of patients and caregivers in both the United States and Japan.
(Washington DC: Society for the Arts in Healthcare, 2003, 155pp.)