Grassroots Exchange Publications 2003

The following are grantee publications from the period of January 1, 2003 to December 31, 2003.

Coalition for Legislation to Support Citizens' Organizations (C's)
Japan's "Culture of Giving" and Nonprofit Organizations
Akira Matsubara, Hiroko Todoroki, Richard Forest, tr.
Report produced as a part of a research project to analyze Japan's "culture of giving," especially the donation habits of individuals, in light of comparisons with the different practices of philanthropy found in the United States, as well as how the Japanese nonprofit sector is responding to their own philanthropic culture.
(Tokyo, Japan: C's, 2003, 42 pp.)

International Education Center
The 55th Japan-America Student Conference Bulletin
Report by the members of the American delegation who participated in the 55th Japan-America Student Conference. The conference is an educational and cultural exchange program that provides a month-long opportunity for American university students to exchange views on a variety of topics with their Japanese counterparts.
(Tokyo, Japan: IEC, 2003, 237 pp.)

Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society (JACSES)
Policy Research and International Workshop in collaboration between Japan and the U.S. regarding Public Funds to realize a Sustainable Society
Report of an international seminar that was part of an exchange project to stimulate international-level reform of public financing for poverty reduction and environmental protection in developing countries, including the development of policy recommendations for the reform of international cooperation funds and national public funds in both countries.
(Tokyo, Japan: JASCES, 2003, 94 pp.)

Japan Model United Nations Society
Report on the 20th Joint Delegation to the 2003 National Model United Nations

Report of a project to send Japanese university students to New York to attend the 2003 National Model United Nations Conference. At the conference, students from around the world meet to gain a deeper understanding of the current international situation and issues facing the global society through a simulation of discussions based on the UN model.
(Tokyo, Japan: Japan Model United Nations Society, Kansai Model United Nations, 2003, 237 pp.)

Japan National Assembly of Disabled Peoples International
Japan-US Forum on Independent Living at the 6th DPI World Assembly in Sapporo
Report of a two-day forum on the independent living movement held at the 6th DPI World Assembly in Sapporo. Participants discussed the themes of global network creation, human rights issues, support services and independent living in developing countries.
(Tokyo, Japan: Japan National Assembly of Disabled Peoples International, 2003, 89 pp.)

Japan Society, Inc. and Japan NPO Center
Japan-United States Homeless Service Providers Exchange
Report of a two-year exchange project centered on a visit by representatives from the nonprofit, government and private sectors of Japan's homeless service provider community to New York and Boston to investigate new methods and models for dealing with homelessness in each respective country.
(New York, NY: Japan Society, 2002, 72 pp.)

Japan Pacific Resource Network (JPRN)
Continuous Internship Report (NPO keizoku intaanshippu)
A bilingual booklet reporting on the findings of the Continuous Internship program administered by the Japan Pacific Resource Network from the fall of 2001 to the summer of 2002. The program placed groups of interns from Japan at nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Bay area. Contents include program outlines, mid-term meeting reports, and final reports by fellows and supervisors presented during meetings in Japan.
(Tokyo, Japan: Japan Pacific Resource Network, 2003, 64 pp.)

Protection and Advocacy JAPAN Institute
Final Report of Advocacy Advisor Training Program Project
Publication produced following the conclusion of a three-year project to create an advocacy system and empower individuals with mental disabilities in Japan.
(Japan: P&A - JAPAN, 2003, 113 pp.)

Society for the Arts in Healthcare
Caring for the Caregiver: Grassroots Initiatives in Japan
Japanese language publication produced following a two-year project to raise the consciouness of clinicians, architects, planners, designers and specialists in the field of visual and performing arts and help them address the human aspects of patients and caregivers in both the United States and Japan.
(Washington DC: Society for the Arts in Healthcare, 2003, 170p.)