Intellectual Exchange

CGP's Intellectual Exchange Program provides opportunities for a broad spectrum of individuals from the United States and Japan to collaborate and build partnerships in order to find solutions to create a more peaceful, stable, and equitable global order as well as to overcome challenges such as the widening gap in social disparity and economic stagnation faced by many around the world. To achieve these goals, CGP gives priority to projects which include the participation of individuals from other countries, especially Asian countries that play a key role in issue(s) addressed in the proposed project.

Institutional Funding
CGP New York's Intellectual Exchange Program can accept only applications from US-based accredited 501(c)(3) institutions through our Intellectual Exchange program.

CGP supports universities, research institutions, and non-profit organizations interested in conducting collaborative projects with appropriate Japanese counterparts on policy-oriented projects on global issues of common concern. Particular consideration is given to projects that bring together scholars, practitioners, and policymakers from the US and Japan, in addition to their counterparts from other countries, especially those from Asia. Through these activities, CGP support aims to create new networks and provide opportunities for advancing research and candid discussion on issues of global concern.

CGP will consider projects of up to 2 years in length. Projects that center on annual events or ongoing programs are given lower priority.

Individual Funding
CGP Intellectual Exchange Program supports a variety of individuals from graduate students to professors. Please see the list of current programs below.

CGP, through the Abe Fellowship and different short-term invitation programs, seeks to cultivate and support future generations of U.S. and Japanese individuals who will become leaders in their respective fields.  We also seek to build global partnerships by providing opportunities for these future leaders to meet and network.

Institutional Funding

  • CGP Grant Program - Intellectual Exchange

    December 3, 2018

    Supports US-Japan collaborative institutional efforts to explore current, policy-relevant issues of mutual concern to the US and Japan, as well as issues of global concern

  • Discretionary Grants


    Supports one-time conferences, workshops, etc. that explore policy-relevant U.S.-Japan issues

  • JET Memorial Project - Taylor Anderson Memorial

    N/A - Not an open program

    The JET Memorial Project commemorates the two American JET participants, Ms. Taylor Anderson and Mr. Montgomery Dickson who lost their lives during the Great East Japan Earthquake (March 2011).

Individual Funding

  • Abe Fellowship Program

    September 1st, Annually

    Encourages international multidisciplinary research on topics of pressing global concern; fosters development of a new generation of researchers interested in policy-relevant topics

  • Abe Fellowship Program for Journalists

    September 15th, Annually

    Encourages in-depth coverage of topics of pressing concern to the United States and Japan through individual short-term policy-related projects

  • Japan Travel Program for US Future Leaders

    Closed Program

    Allows graduate students of international affairs to enhance their understanding of Japan and US-Japan relations through a 10-day study trip in August

  • US-Japan Network for the Future

    January 15, 2019

    Supports the "Next Generation" of Japan specialists based in the U.S. and Japan over a two-year period through a series of workshops, a retreat, and a study tour to Japan.

  • Japanese-American Leadership Delegation Program


    Bilateral exchange program to strengthens ties between Japanese-American leaders and their counterparts in Japan through a week-long stay in Japan

  • Security Studies Fellowship Program


    Cultivates and supports early to mid career security researchers in Japan who study domestic and international security issues from a Japanese perspective

  • US-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange Program


    Enhances understanding of US-Japan relations through bilateral exchange; encourages mutual understanding of the politics and policy-making processes of both countries