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RFP: Exploration of Critical Issues Emanating from Japan’s March 11th Disasters

Proposal deadline: This program is closed
Funding opportunity: Past Grants
Funding period: Up to 3 years
Funding maximum: $100,000 per year
Contact: Carolyn Fleisher or Lisa Wong

Program Detail

As a result of the tragic events surrounding the Great East Japan Earthquake, there has been a rethinking of critical issues and global challenges. Some of these issues include energy security issues and the safety of nuclear power as an alternative to fossil fuels; the diversification of the global supply chain; the role and responsibility of local and international media to accurately report on disasters; physical reconstruction efforts; and the mental recovery of citizens.

In response to these new circumstances and as part of an organization-wide commitment to long-term recovery efforts in Japan, the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership’s (CGP) Intellectual Exchange Division is announcing a new request for proposals. Through this new grant opportunity, CGP will support US-Japan collaborative projects focused not only on seeking solutions to current challenges faced by those in Japan, but also on sharing lessons learned more broadly with citizens around the world.

The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) is dedicated to strengthening the U.S.-Japan partnership’s response to a broad spectrum of global challenges. CGP gives priority to those collaborative projects that include the participation of relevant individuals from countries outside of the United States and Japan, especially Asian countries, who are important to the process of resolving these global challenges.

Applications will be reviewed by outside consultants in order to make the final funding decision.


•   U.S.-based institutions with 501(c)3 status

Projects are required to have the following elements:

•   Japan-based collaborative partner
•   Social Science Projects
•   Current topics that are policy-relevant to both the United States and Japan, and the broader global context;
•   Clear and concrete designs that articulate the ideas, participants, and goals of the project;
•   Ideas and/or participants that include a broad spectrum of viewpoints;
•   Public event(s), such as a symposium, conference, or workshop – a minimum of one;
•   Budget wherein a minimum of 20% of the total project budget is secured from non-CGP sources such as the applying institution or other foundations;
•   Tangible project outcomes such as a publication;
•   Dissemination plan which includes the target audience(s), method of dissemination, and materials to be produced and distributed;
•   Projects must start before March 31, 2012

Potential Project Ideas:

•   Global economic viability in the face of disasters and local revitalization efforts
•   Civil-Military cooperation and coordination both in a national and international context
•   Civil society resilience and governance
•   Psychological impact and recovery
•   Archiving and documenting disaster-related materials for future research
•   Exchange programs focused on seeking solutions to pre- and post-disaster challenges
•   Energy issues and environmental concerns

Application Process [CLOSED]

Please contact the CGP office for the full guidelines for this initiative prior to starting the application
process as there is a two step process:

1.   Concept Papers: 2-3 pages minimum should be submitted via e-mail to CGP for consideration as early as possible, but no later than September 1, 2011. If successful at this stage, applicants will be invited to submit a Full Proposal.  

2.   Invited Full Proposals: for those applicants invited to submit full proposals, proposal applications must be received by CGPNY no later than November 1, 2011. Only hard copies are acceptable; we are unable to accept applications via e-mail at this time.


2011 Grantees