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Japan Outreach Initiative (JOI) Program

Proposal deadline: TBA
Funding opportunity: Institutional funding
Funding period: Two years
Funding maximum: N/A
Contact: MaryAnn Celis

Program Detail

The Japan Outreach Initiative (JOI) Program aims to promote awareness and understanding of Japan in regions of the United States with relatively few Japan-related activities and opportunities for exchange and to nurture new leaders in the field of grassroots exchange. CGP jointly administers JOI with The Laurasian Institution.

Japanese individuals, placed mainly in the southern and midwestern areas of the United States, volunteer for two years as outreach coordinators at organizations such as Japan America societies and universities. Coordinators provide information about Japanese culture, society, everyday life, and language in local community settings and organize activities that foster exchange between the United States and Japan.

The JOI Program promotes US-Japan exchange activities and fosters a grassroots understanding about Japan by dispatching Japanese individuals to volunteer in communities in the US. JOI coordinators and host organizations may participate in this program for up to two consecutive years. JOI host organizations receive the benefit of having a native Japanese join the organization at minimal cost to the organization. JOI coordinators are provided with housing and a small monthly stipend.

  • We welcome any institutions interested in hosting a JOI coordinator. (Deadline: TBA). Please visit The Laurasian Institution website to explore the application process for US host organizations.
  • We also welcome Japanese nationals in Japan or the US to apply as JOI coordinators

The JOI Program is currently in its 11th program cycle, with three coordinators placed throughout the South and Midwest.
List of participating organizations, supervisors, and coordinators

For more details about the JOI Program, please contact:

Laurasian Institution
Attn: JOI Program
Laurasian Institution
1101 5th Avenue, Suite 1100
Seattle, WA 98101
Tel: 206.367.2152  Fax: 206.367.2193
Attn: JOI Program
1700 Broadway, 15th Floor
New York , NY  10019
Tel: 212.489.1255 x118  Fax: 212.489.1344