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Japan America Society (JAS) Initiative

Proposal deadline: December 1, 2017 - Concept papers not mandatory but encouraged
Funding opportunity: Institutional funding
Funding period: 2 years
Funding maximum: Typically $30,000 per year
Contact: MaryAnn Celis

Program Detail

Currently, the JAS Initiative has been incorporated into the Grassroots Program for this 2018 round. For Japan America Societies interested in applying for capacity-building support for 2018, please see information regarding the 2018 Grassroots Program and to download program guidelines here.

 In order to encourage sustained growth and innovation of Japan America Societies (JAS) in the United States, the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) launched the JAS Initiative in 2008 to support networking and capacity building of Japan America Societies. 

 Recognizing the value of the Japan America Societies in fostering mutual understanding between the US and Japan on a grassroots level, CGP aims to support these societies through its continued work with the JAS Initiative. In order to further strengthen Japan America Societies in the NAJAS network and to enhance their effectiveness in carrying out their mission, the JAS Initiative will support strategic planning and/or capacity building projects that demonstrate feasibility and organizational sustainability.

 Project Categories

CGP welcomes proposed projects that fall into (but are not limited to) either of the below categories. Both categories may be selected, however, only one category should be identified per grant year.  Projects are required to include at least one event component (symposium, conference, workshop, or large scale meeting). Please indicate clearly in the narrative portion which category the project applies for in each year. 

 1.Strategic Planning  

Strategic planning. Develop a strategic plan to ensure organizational leaders and staff have a clear and unified understanding of the Society’s long-term goals and priorities.  

2.Capacity Building

Capacity Building.  Develop the following organizational infrastructure mainly through hiring a new staff member or promoting an existing staff member to a more responsible position. 

     a.) Fundraising. Research and implement new models of income generation to ensure sustainability and growth of the Society.

     b.) Membership.  Enhance networking ability of the Society to reach local businesses, Japan-related organizations, young professionals and other interest groups with the intent of increasing membership.

     c.) Program Development. Create innovative, annual, large scale ongoing programming to reach target populations, deepen cross-cultural understanding, and contribute to overall organizational sustainability. This category is mainly recommended for mid/larger-sized Japan America Societies.


The JAS Initiative’s priority will be Japan America Societies that demonstrate not only the needs and feasibility of their projects, but show readiness to implement the proposed projects, and include the following:

Mid and long-term vision for organization. A detailed plan should be present to ensure sustainability and alignment between the Society’s mission, goals, and the proposed project.

Board commitment. Demonstrated alignment between the board members and organizational staff is a key component of a successful Japan America Society. 

Community collaboration. Collaboration with the Society’s larger community (universities, museums, businesses, etc.) will maximize the potential impact of the project.

Innovation. Innovative, creative approaches or models that meet the needs of the society, or reaches new audiences, such as youth of women. 

Resource sharing with greater Japan America Societies community. Projects that emphasize cooperation within the JAS network, replicability, and/or provide positive outcomes for multiple Japan America Societies are encouraged.

Application Process

For Japan America Societies interested in applying for capacity-building support for 2018, please see information regarding the 2018 Grassroots Program and to download program guidelines here.


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