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J-Initiative: J-Support, Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery

Proposal deadline: Closed
Funding opportunity: Grassroots and Education, Past Grants
Funding period: Up to 3 years
Funding maximum: $100,000/year
Contact: MaryAnn Celis

Program Detail

Immediately following the devastation of the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, there has been a tremendous demonstration of support and aid to Japan on an international level, especially in the United States. In the US, almost $250 million in disaster aid for Japan was raised in the first month after the earthquake.

Thus in response to these recent events and as part of our mission to promote the US-Japan global partnership through dialogue and interchange between various organizations and sectors in Japan and the US, the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) is announcing a special category of the J-Initiative: J-Support. The J-Support category is intended to support projects which contribute to the Japanese disaster recovery and reconstruction efforts, thus strengthening mutual understanding between the US and Japan.


J-Support targets projects which support mid and long-term Japanese disaster recovery and reconstruction efforts through various kinds of networks including civil society, education, youth, cultural, business, NPO/NGO, philanthropic, sister city, and other types of grassroots exchange between the US and Japan.

J-Support puts a special emphasis on sustainable recovery and reconstruction efforts in the Japanese community level with civil society networks. 

In addition to special programs directly focused on Japanese disaster recovery and reconstruction, networking projects strengthening ties among organizations in the US involved in Japanese disaster recovery and reconstruction could be included.

Only US nonprofit organizations with 501(c)3 status are eligible. There must be a collaborating partner in Japan.  Project duration can be up to three (3) years. Project must begin no later than March 31, 2012.

The grant amount is up to $100,000 (inclusive of indirect costs) each year, but will be decided after reviewing each project in terms of scale and necessity. CGP grants can be applied to the following project costs directly related to the proposed project:
1. Personnel & Honoraria
2. Travel (domestic and international transportation)
3. Per Diem (accommodation, meals, etc.)
4. Conference Costs (room rental, interpretation fee, etc.)
5. Report and Publication Costs (printing, bookbinding, translation, etc.)
In addition to direct costs, CGP will support indirect costs totaling no more than ten percent (10%) of the direct costs requested of CGP.


In general, the priority will be given for projects that aim for sustained impact and/or innovation. Ongoing projects and existing networks will be given lower priority. The following will be given priority:
1. Impact. Projects that demonstrate high social impact in Japan through US regional and national networks.
2. Innovation. Projects that demonstrate an innovative approach with the latest technologies and/or community development models for Japan.
3. Collaboration. Coordinated projects that show strong collaboration between US and Japan, or among different sectors in the US.
4. Sustainability. Projects showing a clear vision for the sustainable development of the community.


Due to its specialized nature, the J-Support is conducted on an invitation-only basis. Thus, all prospective applicants MUST contact program staff well before the submission of a concept paper to determine eligibility. No unsolicited concept papers will be accepted. Please email:



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