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Taylor Anderson Memorial Project

Grantee: Randolph-Macon College

Grant Period: December 1, 2011 - August 31, 2016


Year 1: December 1, 2011 - August 31, 2012

Grant Amount: 100,000 USD


Year 1 Project Details:

1. R -MC Faculty Travel to Japan (Summer 2012, 2 weeks)

This is a professional development opportunity for R-MC faculty members; the goals are to increase course offerings in Japanese Language and Culture and to establish student travel courses to Japan in Year 2 of this project. 

2. Workshop and Website for Virginia Teachers(Spring 2012, 2 days)

A seminar workshop on Japanese history, geography, and culture for Virginia elementary, middle, and high school teachers who intend to teach courses that include significant content on Japan.  

3. Taylor Anderson/Japan Foundation “Scholarship” (Summer 2012)

Provides financial support for students who demonstrate a high ability in Japanese Language to enroll in an accredited summer language immersion program in the U.S. or in Japan.   

4. Taylor Anderson/Japan Foundation Japanese Scholar-in-Residence(Spring 2012)

R-MC will increase offerings in Japanese Studies with a new course in Spring 2012 by hiring a Japanese studies scholar; in future years the Scholar-in-Residence will teach Japanese language courses.   

5. Taylor Anderson/Japan Foundation Memorial Collection of Japanese Literature and Film

R-MC will expand the Japanese Literature and Film collection at their library through the acquisition of additional fiction and modern work.

6. Taylor Anderson/Japan Foundation Lecture (Spring 2012)

R-MC will hold a lecture on Japanese literature or culture in March 2012 to commemorate the Great East Japan Earthquake. 


 An article from Randolph Macon College on this grant project is also available.

Project Report on the "Taylor Anderson/ Japan Foundation Lecture" is available here.  

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