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Taylor Anderson Memorial Project

Grantee: Randolph-Macon College

Grant Period: December 1, 2011 - August 31, 2016


Year 1: December 1, 2011 - August 31, 2012

Grant Amount: 100,000 USD


Year 1 Project Details:

1. R -MC Faculty Travel to Japan (Summer 2012, 2 weeks)

This is a professional development opportunity for R-MC faculty members; the goals are to increase course offerings in Japanese Language and Culture and to establish student travel courses to Japan in Year 2 of this project. 

2. Workshop and Website for Virginia Teachers(Spring 2012, 2 days)

A seminar workshop on Japanese history, geography, and culture for Virginia elementary, middle, and high school teachers who intend to teach courses that include significant content on Japan.  

3. Taylor Anderson/Japan Foundation “Scholarship” (Summer 2012)

Provides financial support for students who demonstrate a high ability in Japanese Language to enroll in an accredited summer language immersion program in the U.S. or in Japan.   

4. Taylor Anderson/Japan Foundation Japanese Scholar-in-Residence(Spring 2012)

R-MC will increase offerings in Japanese Studies with a new course in Spring 2012 by hiring a Japanese studies scholar; in future years the Scholar-in-Residence will teach Japanese language courses.   

5. Taylor Anderson/Japan Foundation Memorial Collection of Japanese Literature and Film

R-MC will expand the Japanese Literature and Film collection at their library through the acquisition of additional fiction and modern work.

6. Taylor Anderson/Japan Foundation Lecture (Spring 2012)

R-MC will hold a lecture on Japanese literature or culture in March 2012 to commemorate the Great East Japan Earthquake. 

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