Intellectual Exchange

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Abe Fellows 2016-2017


Nicole Darnall
Arizona State University. 
“Sustainable Public Procurement in Japanese Local Governments: A Multicity and US Cross-comparative Analysis”

Kyunghee Lee
Michigan State University
“Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Poverty on Children's Developmental Outcomes: Japan and the US”

Kunio Nishikawa
 Ibaraki University
“The Future Direction of Japan's Rice Farming Industry under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Regime: An Approach From California”

Hirofumi Uchida
Kobe University
“Research on Startup Finance in the US”

Seitetsu Lee
Harvard University
“Enforcing the Health System for the Pandemic of Heart Failure in East Asia ? A Comparison between Korea and Japan” 

Adam Liff
Indiana University at Bloomington
“Japan and the Evolution of Washington's Post-Cold War Asia-Pacific Strategy”

Charles Mooney, Jr.

University of Pennsylvania
“Japanese Markets for Private Business Credit: Prospects for Modernizing Japanese Secured Transactions Law”

Ryoko Yamamoto

State University of New York Old Westbury
“Global Talents on the Local Job Markets: Academic Globalization and Post-Graduation Decision-Makings Among International Students in Japan and the United States”

Shinsuke Tanaka
Tufts University
“Clearing the Air: Comparing and Evaluating Environmental Policies in the Automobile Industry in Japan and the United States”

Kohei Watanabe
Teikyo University
“Food Waste in Japan, US, and Europe - Detailed Grasp of the Magnitude, and Analyses on the Formation of Awareness”