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"Network for the Future" Retreat in Montana

14-Nov-2014 The third cohort of the “U.S.-Japan Network for the Future” participants gathered in Whitefish, Montana for a two day retreat at the end of September. This program is conducted in collaboration with the Mansfield Foundation. The purpose of the retreat was three-fold:  to provide an opportunity for the participants to hone skills through discussions of their research topics and a policy-making exercise; to strengthen networks; and  to receive advice from program advisors and professionals in relevant fields.

To this end, Dr. Patrick Cronin of the Center for New American Security discussed the nexus of policymaking and academia; Ms. Aiko Doden of NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, provided advice on the Japanese television interview process, Dr. Susan Pharr of Harvard and Dr. Leonard Schoppa of the University of Virginia discussed professional development and program goals, and Dr. Ezra Vogel of Harvard provided insights from his recent travels to China and Japan.