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JET Memorial Project: Taylor Anderson Memorial


The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) announces the launch of the “JET Memorial Project,” to commemorate the two American JET participants, Ms. Taylor Anderson (Ishinomaki City, from Virginia) and Mr. Montgomery Dickson (Rikuzen Takada City, from Alaska) who lost their lives during the Great East Japan Earthquake. CGP will support various activities at each of their respective universities for 5 years, with the intent to enhance the younger generation’s further understanding of Japan.               

This announcement introduces the first year project activities of the “Taylor Anderson Memorial Project” at Randolph Macon College (R.M.C.).

Details of the “Montgomery Dickson Memorial Project” are forthcoming.

Taylor Anderson Memorial Project (Year 1)

1. R.M.C Faculty Travel to Japan (Summer 2012, 2 weeks)

A travel opportunity to further educate and prepare faculty members with the goal to increase course offerings in Japanese Language and Culture and to lead student travel courses to Japan which are planned to start from Year 2.

2. Workshop and Website for Virginia Teachers(Spring 2012, 2 days)

A seminar workshop on Japan organized and conducted for Virginia elementary, middle, and high school teachers who intend to teach courses that include significant content on Japan.  

3. Taylor Anderson/Japan Foundation “Scholarship” (Summer 2012)

To provide an opportunity for students who demonstrate a high ability of Japanese Language to enroll in an
accredited summer language immersion program either in the U.S. or in Japan.   

4. Taylor Anderson/Japan Foundation Japanese Scholar-in-Residence(Spring 2012)

The College will increase its course offerings in Japanese Studies in spring 2012 by hiring an
additional professor, with the intent to expand offerings in Japanese language in the future.   

5. Taylor Anderson/Japan Foundation Memorial Collection of Japanese Literature and Film

The College will expand the library’s Japanese Literature and Film collection through the acquisition of additional
fiction and modern collections.

6. Taylor Anderson/Japan Foundation Lecture (Spring 2012)

As a memorial event of the Earthquake, the College will host a lecture on Japanese literature or culture.

In addition to the above endeavors, the Japan Foundation Japanese Language Institution, Kansai also started a 5-year project which provides an opportunity for selected U.S. high school students to receive intensive Japanese language training and first-hand cultural experiences during the summer in Japan.

Please download the full press release for details, including contact information, for this memorial project. 

UPDATE: Please read this article from Randolph Macon on this grant project.