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"US-Japan Network for the Future" at AAS


Sixteen participants across four cohorts of the "U.S.-Japan Network for the Future” program came together to network and reconnect at a roundtable organized by CGP and the Mansfield Foundation.  Cohort members Andrew Oros (Washington College), Kay Shimizu (University of Pittsburg), Nathaniel Smith (University of Arizona), and Hiroki Takeuchi (Southern Methodist University) led a roundtable on “New Directions for Japan: Japan's Regional Relationships.” The discussion was moderated by one of the program's advisers, Prof. Susan Pharr (Harvard University).  Two other program advisers, Len Schoppa (University of Virginia) and Ezra Vogel (Harvard University) were also in attendance.      

This program is supported by the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership and co-organized with the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation.