Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Thank you very much for using the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership New
York (hereinafter called “CGPNY”) website.

This site is operated on the basis of the following rules of use with the objective of
supplying information of CGPNY.

People who access and use this site are deemed to agree with this site policy.

1. Copyrights
2. Exemption of responsibility
3. Basic privacy policy
4. Security
5. Other

1. Copyrights

(1) The copyrights (or intellectual property rights) for information carried on this site,
such as text, illustrations, pictures, and images, all belong to CGPNY unless otherwise

(2) All or part of the information carried on this site cannot be reprinted or reproduced for
any purpose other than private use.

(3) The information carried on this site can be quoted for mainly educational purposes,
etc. and within the scope specified by law. In this case, please give a credit in the
following way: for example, "Courtesy of the Japan Foundation CGPNY" or "Source:
Japan Foundation CGPNY."

(4) However, of pictures and images on this site, in the case of those relating to a specific
person, the consent of that person is necessary in order to protect that person's rights. For
ways of obtaining a person's consent, etc., please contact us: 212-489-1255.

(5) Information carried on this site cannot be used for commercial purposes, such as
advertising or selling a product. However, if consent has been obtained from CGPNY, the
use of information carried on this site might be permitted for commemorative goods, etc.
In this case, CGPNY does not recommend or encourage the said item (commemorative
good, etc.) and does not exclusively authorize it.

2. Exemption of responsibility

(1) The utmost care is given to security on this site. However, this does not guarantee
that the possibility of mistaken contents resulting from uncontrollable factors, such
as falsification by a third party, is completely eliminated. CGPNY does not bear
responsibility for any damage to persons resulting from the use of this site or information
on this site.

(2) In order to facilitate the convenience of people using this site, this site includes
contents, links, and other information suggested by third parties and translations of these
items carried out by CGPNY for which CGPNY does not have responsibility.

3. Basic privacy policy

CGPNY collects information on visitors to this website in order to better provide the
services available on the site. The collected information is handled with all due care in
the manner described below.

(1) Scope and purposes of use of collected information
CGPNY’s website automatically collects information such as Internet domain names
and IP addresses. It also uses cookies to automatically collect information on visitors to
the website. CGPNY uses the collected information to provide information and services
through the website and to ensure the smooth operation of its activities.

(2) Restrictions on use and supply
CGPNY will not intentionally reveal identifying information collected from users to a
third party, except in the following three cases:
— If there is a legal obligation to supply such information
— If the consent of the owner of the information is obtained
— If it must be revealed to an external service provider contracted by CGPNY to
provide information processing services. In such cases, information is revealed only
within the scope necessary for the performance of the said work.

4. Security

CGPNY adopts rational measures to prevent the accidental disclosure of collected
information to a third party. Please understand, however, that the security measures taken
by CGPNY do not guarantee complete security regarding the leakage of information that
can identify individual users, etc.

5. Other

(1) The information and URL of this site may be changed or deleted without advance

(2) While the utmost care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information carried on this
site, CGPNY does not bear any responsibility whatsoever for any actions taken by users
after using this site.

(3) The company names, product names, logos, etc. carried on this site are registered
trademarks of the organizations or sales entities concerned.

(4) Due to technical limitations of the electronic media, fonts, etc. might differ from
those in printed publicity materials (for example, machine-dependent characters, personal

(5) Due to system disorder, maintenance, etc., the supply of information from this site
might be temporarily suspended.

The reproduction without permission of articles and photographs carried on this site is